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Circolo Way

"Introducing the Circolo Way"- The must-have book for anyone in the business and experience design industry. This groundbreaking work offers key insights and strategies for experience design, business, and navigating the new world where the community is king and working remotely is the new normality. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, The Circolo way will provide you with the tools to create a better future for your business and customers. Written over three years and drawing inspiration from real-life stories of people from diverse backgrounds and careers in more than eighty countries, this book is a game-changer for anyone interested in building transversal change. Get ready to revolutionize your approach to business and experience design with The Circolo Way!

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The Red String 1

This short book is a personal account of the author's journey of self-discovery and purpose through travel. The author visited 64 countries, met over 8,000 people, including notable figures such as Pope Francis and Nobel Peace Prize laureates, and spoke at prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT. The author financed their journey through the sale of bracelets that carried the message "Together we can change the world." The book highlights the importance of following our dreams and creating a better future and serves as an inspiration for readers to find their own purpose and balance between work and happiness.

AKINYI UBUNTU: The Southern Entrepreneur

This book is a work of fiction that tells the story of everyday heroes and heroines who have faced challenges and found their own interpretation of success. It aims to showcase a more diverse and inclusive world, with a focus on the stories of courageous individuals from the global south and women who live the role they want, not the one imposed on them. The book was written over a period of three years and draws inspiration from real-life stories of people from diverse backgrounds.

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The New Workplace Terminology You Have to Know

Discover the architectural insights and lessons learned from a journey through 80 countries. A must-read for architects and those interested in global design.

New Business Design for Coworkers, Nomad-preneurs and Blockchain

Learn about the latest innovations in business design for remote teams, digital nomads and blockchain technology. Discover how to create a more efficient, productive and profitable company for the new era.

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